Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Is The Church As True As The Gospel?

A Constitutional Approach

Table of Contents

Section 1 -- Introduction
             1. The problem. p.6
2. A suggested solution sent by letter. p.10
    -- Plus an unsent letter expanding the solution.

Section 2 -- The Overwhelming Historical And Scriptural Case Against A Paid Ministry And Related Tithing. p.17.

             3. The issue of financial classes in the church. p.20
4. Temples, altars, and work for the dead. p.23
5. A modern summary of the history of tithing. p.27.
6. The 1657 Quaker position on the evils of forced tithing -- partly based on the earlier work of John Selden p.29
7. An 1894 history of tithing, beginning with Christian free-will offerings.p.50
8. Excerpts from a 1618 history of tithing by John Selden, the predecessor to all later historical studies and arguments against tithing, asserting that no tithing was paid to the original apostles.p.57
9. The 95 theses (1517) of Martin Luther apply today for the same reasons they did then, demonstrating that tithing and charity are mutually exclusive policies. p.62
10. James Talmage and The Great Apostasy -- An argument for replacing one divergent religious empire with another.  p.72
11. Incidents of shock and awe to introduce Christ's new gospel, powerful enough to change the world for 2000 years. Dire threats issued to any who attempt to distort the new gospel. These are views of restoration history we usually ignore. p.81
12. Discussion of FairMormon questions and answers on professional clergy, paid ministry, and tithing p.105.
13. The uncertain basis for today's LDS tithing policies. p.144
14. The use of "increase" vs. "interest" in tithing scriptures. p.153
15. The terrible performance statistics this paid ministry creates. p.160
16. The LDS church is finally being called to account. p.165

Section 3 -- Amending the Gospel

x17. Are all living prophets given unbounded powers to alter the gospel? [Christ did not. He quoted them and fulfilled them..]  Our path of prophecy has given us the same result as the Roman Catholic Church reached. Is that good? p.178
x18. Are the historical Scriptures now treated as Secondary sources of religious truth? (see prophetic powers)-p.191

Section 4 -- Creation vs. Evolution

19. The Church drops creation and adopts atheistic organic evolution at BYU -- embracing the teachings of men presumably to increase membership and income. p.192

Section 5 -- Some Potential Charitable Activities

20. A major charitable activity suggestion concerning reducing abortions – much like occurred in Rome where saving discarded babies was a signature Christian activity. p.195
x21. Women's duties and opportunities under a proper program of charity -- A well-funded Relief Society. p.229
22. Creating and demonstrating a charity-based welfare system for the world. p.232 
23. A gospel-based program for developing countries. p.240

Section 6 -- Building Up Zion

24. Government corruption in Utah: Our non-Zion could be transformed into a Zion. p.241
25.  A breach of fiduciary duty by the LDS church. Straighten out church structure and procedures. The membership did not vote for that fraudulent takeover, which I call the lawyers' coup. "One man, no vote" – is our current condition. p.245
26. No time to relax. No "all is well in Zion." p.251
27. Other priestcraft Issues, including promoting one-world government on Satan's terms rather than resisting it. p.257

Section 7 -- Conclusions

28. LDS Church grand strategy: past, present, and possible future. p.270
29. Epilogue. p.278

Is The Church As True As The Gospel?
A Constitutional Approach

Section 1 -- Introduction

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